Welcome to Bite Me Bakery!

Located in Toledo, Ohio, Bite Me Bakery offers customized baked goods for those who aren’t satisfied with the typical. Our crazy, beautiful, wacky, original creations are sure to impress! But don’t think that we’re just a pretty face; we’ve got the personality to match. We pride ourselves in creating food that both looks great AND tastes delicious!

Your local grocery store bakeries typically have their cakes frozen and shipped in daily. Then, a baker will “customize” your cake to match the design that you chose out of a few dozen selections they have available. That is why little Timmy’s birthday cake looked exactly like little Johnny’s cake.

local grocery store?


OR Bite Me Bakery?


But with everything fabulous, there is a price to pay. We consider our pricing to be spot on to the amount of time and love that goes into every single order we fulfill. We would be happy to discuss your idea and quote a price for you!

We encourage you to visit our Gallery and Testimonials pages to get a look at what we’ve done in the past and read about just some of our happy customers who realize that spending a little bit more on their cake was absolutely worth it!


  • Appearance ( 100% )
  • Taste ( 100% )
  • Creativity ( 100% )
  • Customer Satisfaction ( 100% )